In one of TaxACT's Super Bowl 2012 commercial, a couple of businessmen get into a taxi cab. It's tax season, so the duo discuss everybody's least favorite yearly ritual. It turns out both of them are paying money to file their Federal returns, one through his accountant, and the other through an on-line service.

When the taxi driver hears this, she stops the cab short. Then she goes on to explain that when you file through 'TaxACT' your federal returns are free. The motherly cabbie  is so angry that her two fares are ignorant to TaxACT's services, she throws them out of the cab. Then she turns to the camera and tells viewers to go to, and tell them "Mama sent you."

Mama appears to be TaxACT's new corporate mascot, so you will probably be seeing more of her as April 15 approaches. Do you like this cabbie with a 'tude? Or does this abrasive ad just remind you how much you hate paying taxes?