Chase Bank ran a popular ad during the 2012 Super Bowl with a child kicker that would have guaranteed a Patriots victory if only they had found him before Chase did.

With enough power to blast holes through several houses, this pint-sized punter would be a coach's dream come true. But the destruction that he leaves in his wake with just  a single kick would do some serious damage to any proud parent's wallet.

Luckily for this poor father, Chase has this new person-to-person quick pay feature that allows you to automatically add funds to anyone's account from your smartphone. That should save you the trouble of having to actually interact with your neighbors face-to-face. Because who really likes talking to their neighbors in person?

While this kid may be a child prodigy in commercial land, in the real world, if a kid were to cause thousands of dollars worth of property damage, he'd probably be in timeout until he was old enough to play with the pros. But at least he'd be able to pay for the damages from the seclusion of his room with only a few clicks of his smartphone. We're sure one day he'll be thanking Chase bank for the convenience.