There's a costumed superhero looking over Bradford.

Authorities in the Northern England city were confused and amused in the early morning hours of February 25 when a man dressed as Batman dropped off another man, who had been wanted for the handling of stolen goods, at one of the city's police stations.

As you can see from the photo released by the West Yorkshire Police, this Batman didn't exactly undergo the kind of extreme fitness regimen Christian Bale's Dark Knight did before donning the iconic Batsuit. For that matter, the suit itself appears to be from the Adam West Batman era.

According to police, there didn't appear to be any sort of struggle between the wanted man and the Caped Crusader. This suggests they may have known each other and the fugitive thought involving Batman would be a funny way to turn himself in. Or it could be the mere sight of a real-life superhero causes some criminals to reevaluate their lifestyle.

Either way, "Batman" left the police station immediately after depositing the con and his identity remains unknown. Off to anonymously fight more crime, perhaps with a stop for donuts along the way.

Get a closer look at "Batman" in the video below.

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