Parody Songs

The New Call Me Maybe?
Much like it was intended to, that screaming goat video really got us thinking. Once we made our way out of a pretty heavy existential crisis, we decided to see if anything could come improve Taylor Swift's 'I Knew You Were Trouble' more than the sound of an angry goat screaming...
Watch: Worst Video Ever?
So, the first thing that's confusing about 'Spartan High School Style' is who likes high school enough to go to the trouble of making the worst 'Gangnam Style' parody ever about it? Also, how can the rhythm be so consistently off? AND why would you let anybody know this existed?
Have you done this?
This song combines two things everyone hates -- Nickelback and people who Instagram everything -- and turns it into one perfect parody.
Cutest. Parody. Ever.
Remember that super-adorable 'Dumb Ways to Die' PSA from a few weeks ago? Here's a super-adorable parody of it called 'Cute Things to Find.' Chances are if you liked the first one, you'll like this too. They're practically identical, and equally cute, although this one is slightly less macabre...
10 Funny and Uplifting Hurricane Sandy Songs
Although New York and New Jersey were dealt a striking blow thanks to "Frankenstorm" Sandy, one of the best ways to entertain yourself while the power's out and to find solace in this horrible natural disaster is through the use of music. Occasionally, many of these videos will be funny too, because with events like these, you need to bring a smile to peoples' faces. So sit back and enjo
Students React to Lean School Lunches With ‘We Are Hungry’ Song
As a way to help combat obesity, new federal guidelines were recently put in place stipulating that schools serve meals totaling no more than 850 calories. Since then, some students say the new low-cal lunches simply aren't enough. One group of students at Wallace County High in Kansas even created a protest song called 'We are Hungry' that parodies Fun.'s 'We are Young.'
Flo Rida ‘Whistle’ Parody Spoofs Replacement Refs
There is a consensus developing that if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell doesn't bring back the striking referees soon, folks are going to stop watching football because the replacement refs have been so stunningly horrible. However, we're pretty sure this isn't true. In fact, the awfulness of the scab refs has now become part what makes the NFL so entertaining. (Granted, Green Bay fans or anybody w
R.I.P. LMFAO — Funny Videos to Remember Them By
Oh NO! What are we going to do!?! LMFAO has announced that they are going on a "hiatus" (yeah, that's what our parents said too), which means somebody else will have to step up to fill the void left behind at grocery stores that play inappropriately upbeat music. Let us remember these party monsters as they would have wanted -- by watching the comical videos they've inspired.
The 9 Most Ridiculous ‘Gangnam Style’ Parodies on the Internet
Well, this thing has clearly gotten out of hand. There have been so many parodies, covers, remixes and tributes to 'Gangnam Style,' that we thought we'd save you all some time and find the most ridiculous ones we could. Hitler, Gandalf and Taiwanese students who didn't study hard enough all make the list, as well as hot moms and so many other absurdities that we may as well cut right to it. Read M
‘Gangnam Style’ Gets the ‘London Style’ Treatment
Another day, another 'Gangnam Style' parody on the internet. This time the video makers are putting a London spin on things, by going all around the city and doing London-y things, like drinking a cup of tea or riding on The Tube. Because London and "gangnam" kind of rhymes, we guess?
Which ‘Call Me Maybe’ Cover Is Worse — Hobo Pied Piper or Young Republicans?
Oh my gosh, we get it, you guys -- it's super-easy to write a song to the melody of 'Call Me Maybe'. And everybody ever whose fingers have grazed an instrument knows how to play it. Seriously, we've noticed. Today two more versions of Carly Rae Jepsen's hit have risen to the surface, from pretty much opposite ends of the spectrum -- hobos and young Republicans. We can't decide which one is worse.

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