Oh my gosh, we get it, you guys -- it's super-easy to write a song to the melody of 'Call Me Maybe'. And everybody ever whose fingers have grazed an instrument knows how to play it. Seriously, we've noticed. Today two more versions of Carly Rae Jepsen's hit have risen to the surface, from pretty much opposite ends of the spectrum -- hobos and young Republicans. We can't decide which one is worse.


Oh sure, the video is called "Pied Piper Plays 'Call Me Maybe,'" but it should be called "A Really Good Reason Not to Become a Hobo." Because when you're a hobo, you play 'Call Me Maybe' on a recorder for fun, and that's if you're lucky. If you're the hobo who doesn't have the recorder that day, then your fun is listening to another hobo play 'Call Me Maybe.' On the bright side, at least there aren't any words, and the recorder can't actually play the melody because it doesn't have enough notes.

Then there's this:

Good grief, Charlie Brown! A little late to the game on this one, you guys. Nothing really speaks out to the younger generation like a totally earnest reworking of 'Call Me Maybe.' Too bad the "younger generation" we're speaking of isn't yet old enough to legally vote. On the bright side, at least we don't live in Chicago, so we won't have to look away when we accidentally recognize one of these people on the train.

Which do you think is worse -- dancing hobo playing the recorder, or young Republicans pandering for votes?

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