Although New York and New Jersey were dealt a striking blow thanks to "Frankenstorm" Sandy, one of the best ways to entertain yourself while the power's out and to find solace in this horrible natural disaster is through the use of music. Occasionally, many of these videos will be funny too, because with events like these, you need to bring a smile to peoples' faces. So sit back and enjoy the creativity that has sprung out of Hurricane Sandy's rampage up the East Coast.

'The Hurricane Sandy Song'

Uploaded by user ToddChap, this snicker-worthy video parodies the Barry Manilow song 'Mandy.' With lyrics  like, "Oh Sandy, well I'm scared and you might be the worst storm that I've ever seen...Please don't destroy Halloween/ Oh Sandy," this spoof sums up what many of us were thinking as the monster storm raged at us last week.

'Superstorm Sandy Song'

User SquireHogg's video is a parody of Elliot Lurie's 1972 song 'Brandy,' but there is a bit more creativity to the spoof. Unlike the previous video, this user decided to use actual footage from the newsreels that showed not only the radar images of the enormous storm, but also the havoc she was wreaking upon the East Coast. From broken houses to Obama on the phone to images from the movie 'The Perfect Storm,' this video is well-made and brings about a few chuckles. It also shows a few images of the very real damage the storm did to people's houses too.

'Hopelessly Preparing For You-- A Hurricane Sandy Song'

Finally, a 'Grease' parody appears! Like many a Tumblr meme that used Olivia-Newton John's character of Sandy in 'Grease,' user AnnaRosiman filmed herself singing a spoof of 'Hopelessly Devoted to You' while dressed as the iconic movie character. Clad in a terrible blonde wig and a fuzzy white robe, she warbles about how difficult it is to prepare for the Frankenstorm; some of which includes how she is out of bread, how people kicked over her shopping cart and how she purchased a giant bag of Tostitos. Anna also gets an A+ from us for keeping a (relatively) straight face as she sings too.

'Home: A Hurricane Sandy Tribute'

Unlike the previous videos, user Babs covers this heart-achingly sad song from last year's 'American Idol' winner Phillip Phillips after learning that one of her favorite beaches was submerged, even when the storm wasn't in full force yet. The melancholy lyrics remind viewers that so many people right now don't have homes to go back to, and will have to rebuild. It's a poignant reminder that some of us weren't so lucky, and years of memories were washed out in a heartbeat.

'Hurricane Sandy: Make It Rain' Parody

YouTube user BlueJay raps about the Frankenstorm in an amusing spoof of 'Make It Rain.' To add to the chuckles, they added the funny 'Spongebob Square Parents' Hurricane Sandy meme: the iconic Texan squirrel Sandy's head photoshopped into the radar image of the storm. He also references the aforementioned character in the song too. Although telling the storm "come at me hurricane" sounds like it could be on a list of famous last words; challenging Mother Nature never ends well. Just something to keep in mind, Blue Jay.

Hurricane Sandy Parody: 'Rock You Like A Hurricane'

Musicians Lauren Molina of the Skivvies and Rob Morrison of the Hallows changed up the lyrics to the classic Scorpions tune 'Rock You Like a Hurricane' and performed it with a cello and mandolin. The funniest part of the song is when they sing, "I hear hurricane ablowing/I stocked the fridge all full of beer/I fear the munchies might be growing/I will be fat when all this clears..." because you just know that's what all the hipsters were doing. A+ for a good laugh, guys!

'We Are Never Ever Going to Forget This Weather'

Gina Baez sings a clever parody based off of Taylor Swift's 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' and details how the water surrounded her mattress and knocked out her power and internet while people fought for water and gas outside. For an added touch, she also filmed herself performing in a bright yellow rain jacket. Ms. Baez also urges her viewers to donate to the Red Cross, so while the video is cute, it's also supporting a good cause as well.

'Here's To Sandy: Under The Sea'

After being locked inside their place for two days, a group of roomates donned colorful wind breakers, grabbed a guitar and serenaded users about the hurricane to the tune of the 'The Little Mermaid' classic 'Under the Sea.' With giggle-worthy lyrics such as "the anticipation's building, we're waiting for Frankenstorm, here's to Sandy…," the video is a good indicator of how college kids and young twenty-somethings weathered the storm in the city. Another A+ for creativity from us!

'Oh Sandy The Hurricane!'

What do young musicians do when they're locked inside during a monster storm? Why, dedicate ballads to the storm of course! Interspersed with scenes from the news and user Phil Pickens and his roommates goofing around to pass the time, this ballad is charmingly sung and if it wasn't written about a hurricane, would probably be a half-decent love song.


Based on the song 'Frankenstein' by the Edgar Winter Group, we saved the most hilariously bad song for last.  In what we hope is a deliberate attempt to sing very, very badly, a YouTube user calling himself  "Bigedude33" regales us about how bad the storm was and how it's barreling up the coast, so Easter Coasters should prepare. However with parody lyrics such as"oh no, here comes the Frankenstorm, it's coming up the coast, the East Coast will get hit the most" we kind of wish BigDude33 was our weatherman.

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