Well, this thing has clearly gotten out of hand. There have been so many parodies, covers, remixes and tributes to 'Gangnam Style,' that we thought we'd save you all some time and find the most ridiculous ones we could. Hitler, Gandalf and Taiwanese students who didn't study hard enough all make the list, as well as hot moms and so many other absurdities that we may as well cut right to it.

'Gunman' Style

This one's like a Western one, because nothing says "Western" quite like a cover of a K-pop song by a guy rapping in a creepy voice plus synth violins. NOTHING.

'Vote Obama' Style

Something makes us think this message was NOT endorsed by Barack Obama. But it is a nice sentiment. Not everyone is willing to humiliate themselves in the lingerie section of a store for their president. In fact, maybe just this guy.

'Deadpool' Style

It's true -- if anybody in the Marvel Universe were going to do a 'Gangnam Style' parody, it would be Deadpool. One thing we've learned from watching all of these videos is that the mall is NOT a safe place to hang out until this song blows over. You could just be sitting there, drinking an Orange Julius and suddenly there's a cosplayer grinding on your face. You never know.

'300' Style

We don't fully understand why this exists. To confuse us? That's the best guess we've been able to come up with. Please, if you have any idea, share it with us, because we'd really like to know.

'Spartan' Style

Hey guess what? This could possibly be the worst thing you've ever seen! It's terrible. Embarrassingly awful. Skin-crawlingly nightmarish. Enjoy!

'Pony' Style

Now it's the horses' turn to dance. This is just a little something for all the Bronies out there.

'Gandalf' Style

He's a wizard and he's all over the place. On the bright side, if you're unfamiliar with 'LOTR,' this should (sort of) clear things up for you right away. Props for wearing the beard around on a hot summer day, we guess.

'Baby' Style

This one is self-described as "Hot Moms & Cute Babies dancing to the best toddle tune ever -- PSY Oppa's Gangnam Style...Babies love it!" It must have been a weird conversation that sparked this video -- 'Hey, we're a bunch of hot moms, right?" "TOTALLY!" "Wanna make a video where we dance around in short shorts with our babies and put it on the internet?" "Totally! Just let me finish washing the throw up out of my shirt and I'll be right over!" "Okay! Don't forget your baby!!!!" *Shudder*

'Hitler' Style

And now you know that this is officially a thing -- here's a Hitler remix using footage from 'Der Untergang.' Less fun, more frightening than the original, but that's what happens when you let the people of the internet get their hands on stuff. This is why we can't have nice things.

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