It happened to 'Call Me Maybe,' so it's no surprise that there is now a Chatroulette version of 'Gangnam Style' making waves on YouTube. Good news -- it's flashier, funnier and better-executed than the Carly Rae Jepsen knock-off. It's also more pleasing to listen to, but that may be a matter of personal opinion.

The people watching seem to greatly enjoy the Stef and Stefani performance of 'Gangnam Style,' even the guy doing whippets. Actually, especially the guy doing whippets. People treated to the delightful surprise of a reenactment of the music video, rather than a guy's most-special parts, seemed very entertained, and some even danced along, including a shirtless man with a chest tattoo who looks slightly mortified that he couldn't stop himself from dancing along.

These two videos are almost enough to make us reconsider our personal Chatroulette ban. Almost.

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