Dancing Vancouver Canucks Kid Will Make You a LMFAO Fan
Sometimes during sporting events the most interesting action takes place in the crowd. That goes double for when the highly danceable song 'Sexy And I Know It' is played. Watch one young hockey fan use LMFAO's ode to self-confidence to really get the Rogers Arena in Vancouve…
NHL Player Attacked By Adorable Children [VIDEO]
Kevin Bieksa of the Vancouver Canucks was resting on the bench during his team's recent skills exhibition when five fans seated behind him started to relentlessly harass him with pokes to the head. Will the grizzled defenseman take their bait and respond?
Hockey Player’s Hug Gets Surprising Reaction [VIDEO]
You know what they say hockey, it's all fun and games until somebody decides to hug someone on the other team. In a sport where any reason is generally enough reason for opposing players to come to blows, this video illustrates that spontaneous displays of affection are not immune.
Underwater Hockey Gaining Popularity [VIDEO]
Created by British SCUBA instructors in 1954 as a training exercise for swimming with fins, underwater hockey (also called "Octopush") is an aquatic team sport that resembles knock hockey, only on a much larger, much wetter scale. Though the paddle and puck are similar to those…

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