A decision has been made in the case of twin brothers Nick and Nate Smith, who switched places to take a $50,000 shot at a charity hockey match last month. Whether they'd receive the prize money was in question when the family confessed that the twin who was called to participate was not the one who wound up taking the shot. Ultimately, officials decided not to award the family the money because of "legal implications."

But there is a happy ending: The money will go towards hockey equipment for underprivileged children and the family says they're OK with that. Although Nate said it felt "awesome" to make the shot and the boys' father admits that he still watches the footage on YouTube, they're satisfied that other kids will get the opportunity to play the sport because of the money. And the twins learned a great lesson, too -- their father seemed content that the experience taught them "honesty is the best policy."

Check out their appearance on 'Today' below:

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