Sometimes during sporting events the most interesting action takes place in the crowd. That goes double for when the highly danceable song 'Sexy And I Know It' is played. Watch one young hockey fan use LMFAO's ode to self-confidence to really get the Rogers Arena in Vancouver going.

The kid in the Canucks jersey is named Jack. We don't know the name of the fellow in the background drinking the water, or the other guy who seemingly appeared out of nowhere with a bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade. But their reactions to Jack are definitely part of what makes the video so great.

However, Jack is clearly the star, and he was rewarded as such. For being the Canucks "fan of the day," he was given a team jersey and also got to meet star player Dan Hamhuis after the game. Keep dancing, kid, and the world will be yours.

An extended version of the video, which includes Jack's meeting with Hamhuis, is below.

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