Created by British SCUBA instructors in 1954 as a training exercise for swimming with fins, underwater hockey (also called "Octopush") is an aquatic team sport that resembles knock hockey, only on a much larger, much wetter scale. Though the paddle and puck are similar to those used in the table game, underwater hockey is a far more physical game.

Played over two 15-minute halves, the three-on-three sport is a true endurance test that involves strength, skill and plenty of lung capacity. Despite the physical challenges of underwater hockey, the sport's practitioners are a varied group ranging in age from eight to seventy. They're also quite dedicated. Though the sport is still small (there are 50 clubs in 28 states throughout the country), underwater hockey teams regularly compete in tournaments both in the US and throughout the world.

Check out ABC News' coverage of the sport below:

[via ABCNews]

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