You know what they say hockey, it's all fun and games until somebody decides to hug someone on the other team. In a sport where any reason is generally enough reason for opposing players to come to blows, this video illustrates that spontaneous displays of affection are not immune.

After scoring a goal, Henrik Eriksson of Sweden's Mora IK reached out and hugged opposing defender Alen Bibic of Leksand. The embrace only lasted a few seconds, at which point Bibic punched Eriksson in the face and promptly sent him on his merry way.

This isn't the first time Eriksson has taunted Leksand. In fact the last time the two teams met, he gave a five-finger salute to Leksand's fans signifying his team's five straight victories over their rival club. Watch what happens when hockey players hug below.

[via PuckDaddy]

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