Google Doodles

'Wild Things' Doodle
Today would've been the 85th birthday of beloved children's author Maurice Sendak, who passed away last year. In his honor, Google made this amazing, elaborate Google Doodle.
Heartwarming Google Doodle
Who's ready for some tears? Oh, good!
Every year, Google holds an annual "Doodle 4 Google" contest, in which they ask students (from kindergarten through grade 12) to submit drawings based on a specific theme. This year's theme was "My Best Day Ever," and…
Google Boldly Goes Nerdy With ‘Star Trek’ Doodle
Today marks the 46th anniversary of 'Star Trek,' and Google is commemorating it with a pretty awesome playable Google Doodle adventure. The tale takes players to three separate locations and offers a very quick tip of the hat to the Gorn Cannon scene from the 'Arena' episode. What? You didn't know t…
Unzip Google With Latest Creative Doodle
Today marks the 132nd birthday of Gideon Sundback, a Swedish engineer who helped create the modern zipper. As a way to commemorate the event, Google has replaced its normal homepage with a seriously nifty doodle of a large interactive zipper. Go ahead and pull. You know you want to.
Gumby Creator Art Clokey Honored in Nostalgic Google Doodle
Visit the Google homepage today and you might recognize a familiar face: Gumby is in the Google Doodle spotlight. The doodle, which commemorates the 90th birthday of late Gumby creator Art Clokey (he passed in January 2010), is also animated -- clicking on the colored balls of clay reveals the whole…

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