The folks over at Google never miss an opportunity to add some sort of clever Easter egg or doodle to their homepage. So it comes as no surprise that in honor of Valentine's Day, Google made a heartwarming short cartoon doodle to remind us that we're single.

If you've ever tried to woo someone with thoughtful gifts and attention then you know how frustrating it can be when those feeble attempts go unnoticed. That is exactly the kind of one-sided relationship that is portrayed in this years V-Day doodle, except this year there's a happy ending.

Sure, it may be a bit cliche to think that true love will always win out over soul-crushing loneliness. But isn't that the kind of Hollywood manufactured, Hallmark card Valentine's Day that we all so desperately desire?

If this cute little cartoon teaches us anything about love, it's that true love always seems to hit you when you least expect it. Either that, or jumping rope is the key to winning over your significant other. We're going with the jump rope theory.