We thought we'd seen it all with Google's interactive zipper doodle a few weeks back, but now comes a doodle honoring the 78th birthday of electronic music pioneer Robert Moog that's the coolest ever.

Today's doodle is actually a playable Moog synthesizer, just like those that Moog first created back in the sixties. In can be a little tricky to play, however, so consult this handy guide if you don't immediately know the difference between a Moog oscillator and filter.

"With his passion for high-tech toolmaking in the service of creativity, Bob Moog is something of a patron saint of the nerdy arts and a hero to many of us here," said Google software engineer Joey Hurst. "So for the next 24 hours on our homepage, you'll find an interactive, playable logo inspired by the instruments with which Moog brought musical performance into the electronic age."

In 1963, Moog created the first Moog synth after experimenting with theremins. The resulting devices swept the music industry and can even be heard providing the bass on Michael Jackson's massive hit 'Thriller.'

Moog died of a brain tumor in 2005, but his groundbreaking contribution to music lives on in this awesome doodle. Give it a try. And watch a guy who actually played Daft Punk's 'Aerodynamic' on the Google Doodle below.

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