Today marks the 132nd birthday of Gideon Sundback, a Swedish engineer who helped create the modern zipper. As a way to commemorate the event, Google has replaced its normal homepage with a seriously nifty doodle of a large interactive zipper. Go ahead and pull. You know you want to.

Just head to, grab the zipper's pull tab with your cursor and pull down slowly. Doing so reveals a results page with tons of information on Sundback's contribution to pants.

Strictly speaking, Sundback wasn't the first to dream up the zipper, but he did make important refinements to a 1893 "clasp locker" design, which led to the zippers we use today. In 1917, Sundback patented what he called the "separable fastener" and the modern zipper was born.

But where did the name "zipper" itself come from? In 1923, B.F. Goodrich began selling galoshes which featured the fastener, and he coined the term for the distinctive sound that zippers make.

We dare you to not spend several minutes zipping and unzipping the Google homepage today.

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