Today marks the 46th anniversary of 'Star Trek,' and Google is commemorating it with a pretty awesome playable Google Doodle adventure. The tale takes players to three separate locations and offers a very quick tip of the hat to the Gorn Cannon scene from the 'Arena' episode. What? You didn't know that? Congratulations for having friends in high school! Here's a guide to today's Google Doodle.

If you want to bet that sad ensign played by the letter "E" doesn't make it back unscathed ... let's just say we don't blame you.

star trek google1

Look, beautiful, sparkly Uhura!

uhura google

Kirk and Ensign Red Shirt encounter some Tribble trouble in the transporter room.

tribbles google

Of course, the classic Gorn Cannon can be seen perched on top of that rock up there.

star trek phase 3


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