In their Super Bowl 2012 commercial, Suzuki wants you to know that you can upgrade your ride to their Kizashi sport sedan, no matter where you happen to live.

In the cute spot, an Eskimo leaves his wife and his igloo on a sunny North Pole morning and jumps on his trusty dog sled.

But when he returns home, he's ditched the sled, and is driving the Kizashi, which can apparently handle the icy terrain with its all-wheel drive.

So what about the dogs? Well, they ride in passenger seats, and bob their heads along with the beat of the BKM song 'Party Still Jumpin.' When the Eskimo gets back to his igloo his wife asks him what happened to his sled, and he happily responds that he traded it in.

Does this mean that your local Suzuki dealer will accept dog sled trade=ins? No, but they probably should.