A few years ago, when Jackie was home in bed sick, she found out that the love of her live was cheating on her under the very roof they shared. While that ended their relationship, she was pregnant with his child at the time. Since then, life as a single mother has been a struggle.

The dental hygienist happens to be a huge 'Ellen' fan, so she wrote the daytime host a letter chronicling her problems-- which include a car that was held together with duct tape -- and telling DeGeneres how her show always gives her a reprieve from her struggles.

Jackie probably knew something good was happening when she was the invited onto 'Ellen' as a guest. And, in the end, Jackie was given $15,000 and a new car. But notice the skillful way DeGeneres doles out the spoils, so as to maximize the tearful reaction shots. The generous daytime talker really is the new Oprah.

[via BuzzFeed]