Ellen Degeneres

Best Grammy Moment?
Congratulations are in order for Ellen DeGeneres after last night's Grammys. She didn't win an award, but she did do something possibly better -- say what we were all thinking about Katy Perry's boobs. With her face. On camera. Take a look.
Spooky Celeb Costumes
Maybe it's the $2,000 wig, maybe it's that we wound up using some really old makeup we found under the sink (thanks, Sandy), but something makes celebrity Halloween costumes seem more glamorous than ours. Here are just a few of our favorites from this year. And yes, that is Ellen DeGeneres dressed u…
Hilarious Montage of ‘Ellen’ Scares Will Make Your Day
Ellen DeGeneres is always doing her part to brighten spirits. Fortunately this sometimes comes at the expense of a famous person's dignity. Here is a montage of a bunch of times Ellen had somebody sneak up behind a guest and scare them. Oh, and sometimes it's just Ellen lurking in a bathro…
Amy Poehler Nails Karaoke Roulette on ‘Ellen’
Amy Poehler just keeps on giving us more reasons to love her. For example, now we know that she has somehow managed to avoid learning the words to 'Bad Romance,' which is truly, truly admirable. Thank you, Ellen, for giving us this little gem to light up our day...

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