The first trailer for 'Ted,' 'Family Guy' creator's Seth MacFarlane maiden voyage into feature films, starts off traditionally enough.

It's boy (Mark Wahlberg) meets girl (Mila Kunis.) Ok, they meet because he inadvertently knocked her over with his less-than-smooth dance moves, but it's still love and first sight and all that. Only, as the years go by, there is something between them. Wahlberg's teddy bear, Ted.

Ted talks, you see.  And when the stuffed animal does speak, very NSFW things come out of his mouth. (Again, we must insist that you not watch this at work. It is funny, but very NSFW.)

So all of that just happened.  Watching Wahlberg acting against a talking teddy bear definitely evokes the classic Andy Samberg 'SNL' sketch 'Mark Walhberg Talks to Animals.'

No doubt there are some very funny moments in the trailer -- the white trash girl's name gag Wahlberg does with the bear is an instant classic. But can MacFarlane's anthropomorphic insanity be sustained for an entire movie? And doesn't Ted sound more than little bit like 'Family Guy' pater familias Peter Griffin?

'Ted' hits theaters July 13.