A Seattle-area costumed superhero who goes by "Phoenix Jones" was arrested on four counts of assault early Sunday morning after pepper-spraying a group of people outside of a nightclub.

Jones, who wears a black and yellow body armor suit and describes himself as the leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement, claims he was breaking up a fight. The alleged combatants, however, say they were just dancing when Jones approached them.

One of Jones' cohorts shot a video of the incident, and while it doesn't shed much light on what was really going on before Jones charged the group, it does show one woman angrily wailing on the masked crusader with her purse.

While this was the first time he was arrested, police say Jones -- whose real name is Benjamin Fodor -- has “a history of injecting himself in these incidents.”

Jones/Fodor made bail after spending the night in prison, and continues to insist he was in the right.

"There was a person on the ground who was getting stomped," he told  The New York Daily News. "It was one guy versus what looked like eight people. I honestly thought the guy's life was in danger."

Watch the video of the incident below -- slightly NSFW for language: