Credit card fraud is one of the more annoying aspects of modern life. Thankfully, federal law limits your liability to $50, which is a good thing considering guys like Jeffrey Hawkins are around.

Hawkins has allegedly lived on other people's credit cards for two decades, traveling up and down the East Coast. Finding himself jobless and homeless in the early '90s, he discovered credit card fraud as a career. He's not exactly a criminal mastermind so much as just very good at paying attention: Hawkins mostly got his card numbers by listening to people reading them out loud or looking over their shoulders as they wrote it down.

His spree came to an end recently when he was arrested on a trespassing charge, and Hawkins stated that he was sick of running. So he confessed to everything, and is currently facing several charges of fraud.

On the bright side, he managed to pay his bail with a credit ca... uh-oh.

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