Saville Row is a square in London famous for being lined with high-end clothing shops that offer bespoke tailoring. Clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch is about to open up a kid's store there, and this has upset many Londeners, who don't think there should be a store selling cargo shorts and t-shirts on the square's hollowed ground.

So they organized a flash mob, which is quickly become the mechanism of choice for protesters who want to get noticed.

With help from slogans such as "give three-piece a chance," the nattily-attired merrymakers made it clear what they thought of this American invasion.

Ironically, A + F was originally a high-end outfitter of sporting and excursion goods -- the kind of store which wouldn't be so out of place on Savile Row. But that was many incarnation of the brand ago, and now Abercrombie is known for its semi-nude models, not its blue-blood roots.

Check out more photos from the well-dressed flash mob below. Do you think London should give Abercrombie a chance?  Or do they have a point about Savile Row being no place for the popular brand?