Last Saturday, a "flash mob" of unruly teens descended on a Walmart in Florida and caused significant damage to the store. Hey, whatever happened to flash mobs that harmlessly sing and dance?

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says approximately 300 teens entered the Walmart at 11:30pm and had an impromptu food fight in the produce section and rode in shopping carts. No thefts were reported, but the teens destroyed store property, including a $1,500 security camera. It's believed that the kids came from a rowdy house party two miles away that had been broken up by police earlier that night.

The three-minute YouTube video above shows the mayhem, as laughing teens mill about the store. Some even appear to be putting merchandise in carts.

During the carnage, store employees wisely gave the mob a wide berth and called 911. Police are currently reviewing the video in an attempt to make arrests. If this isn't a compelling enough reason to shop at Target instead, we don't know what is.

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