Although wedding couples dancing to Michael Jackson songs are common, we haven't come across many making wedding proposals with the help of the late "King of Pop." Enter Craig Jones, who recently proposed to his girlfriend Allison using a flash mob in New York's Bryant Park to the Michael Jackson classic 'The Way You Make Me Feel.'

Allison was told to meet Craig in Bryant Park for lunch. When she arrived with her close friend, a woman unknown to Allison approached and led her to the center table for a little show. Cue the music, the flash mob dancers begin their routine and voila! Allison knew what was coming and began to tear up.

Watch the epic proposal below.

Jones has raised the bar for every other guy out there planning a wedding proposal destined for YouTube glory. Hiring a flash mob dance troupe and marching band in Bryant Park -- you really can't ask for a more public proposal than this. Makes the guy who did the live lip dub proposal for his girlfriend look like child's play. How much more epic are wedding proposals going to get?

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