Recently, we brought you the funny faces of Olympic divers. We found ourselves wondering: Is there any other event that can make you look quite so ridiculous?

Oh you bet there is. Welcome to the wonderful world of the Olympic Trampoline.

All of these images are courtesy of Cameron Spencer, member of the Getty Images group, and we must praise his masterful way of capturing absurd faces.

Especially when upside down.

This man's name is Dong Dong. Laugh at his name all you want: in 2008, he took home the bronze in trampoline.

Trampoline jump or just hit in the face? You decide.

Nothing will ever convince us he didn't just jump through that hoop.

This guy is clearly thinking "Oh, man!"

This man did not just punch himself in the face.

We think.

We think maybe an Olympic diver got lost.

The men's trampoline event is having its finals today. We can't wait.