Well, Labor Day weekend is upon us. We hope you made it to the beach. And that you took our End of Summer Survey! The results are in and we're ready to let you know what made the cut as the best of this summer's internet goodness. Check out the results after the jump.

Best Viral Video of the Summer

Olympic Swim Team Performs 'Call Me Maybe'

With 31% of the vote, swim team beat out the trailer for 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Child' and Olympic hurdler Michelle Jenneke's pre-race dancing by a mere .2 percent. Close one!

Best Meme of the Summer

Drunk Baby

Drunk Baby

The now-classic Drunk Baby meme came in first with a whopping 33% of the vote, triumphing over second place unimpressed McKayla Maroney by nearly 12%!

Best 'Call Me Maybe' Cover

Harvard Baseball Team

The Harvard Baseball team squeaked ahead with 25% of the vote, beating the 'Star Wars' and Cookie Monster versions of the song (which were very nearly tied) by less than one percent.

Best Photo of the Summer

Olympic Diver Faces

Diver Faces
Getty Images

It was a clear victory for the Olympic divers though -- they finished with 55% of the vote. Their second place competitor, Cat Punches Dog, only had 15.26 percent.

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