This is the most wholesome blooper reel we've ever seen. There's no cursing or violence. It's almost less of a blooper reel and more of a "look, basketball players can make friendly jokes" reel. I mean, nobody even hits their head on a door frame, which we secretly assumed happened to basketball players all the time.

The highlight of this video probably comes from Andre Iguodala, who does a pretty good job of ever-so-gently mocking Anthony Davis for missing three-pointers. Or when the boom mic nearly gets eaten. There are also lots of cute, wholesome moments in this video to go around.

It does make sense that the video is so squeaky clean, though. What was the NBA going to do -- release an R-rated blooper reel with a little ticker in the bottom to count every time Kobe drops an F-bomb? That's no fun for the kids at home. (Actually, it's loads of fun for the kids at home, their parents just won't let them watch it).

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