The Chevy Sonic is having the time of its life in a pair of commercials that will run during the Super Bowl. In the first spot, the subcompact car performs all sorts of crazy stunts -- like bungee jumping and skydiving. That's one extreme ride!

While the song playing is 'We Are Young' by the band Fun, music fans will recognize the guys driving the car during some of the stunts as the fellows from OK Go.

OK Go comes into play in the second Sonic Super Bowl ad, as by this point the Sonic has graduated from stunts, and is now making music videos. In the ad's teaser we see that 288 guitars, 55 pianos and 1157 other homemade instruments have been laid out in a field.  The OK Go boys are behind the wheel of the Sonic, and given their history of making really innovative videos, one would assume something pretty special is about to happen. (Updated: The full music video/commercial is below.)

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