When it comes to the most celebrated animal on the internet, cats win hands (er, paws) down. And in terms of Nicolas Cage, can you think of another actor who's inspired more video parodies, memes and is-he-or-isn't-he vampire controversy? Given that, it makes sense the two would collide in this hilarious Tumblr called "Nic Cage Cats."

Cage is no stranger to Photoshopped images and has even been used as part of an image-morphing process by an Etsy artist called "Cagification." But, this time, the famously bizarre actor's head is placed on the bodies of adorable kitties to hysterical effect.

Some of these images are well done, others are amateurish. Some are funny, others are downright freaky. But all of them capture the many moods of Cage in feline form. And, really, who wouldn't want to see that?

Incidentally, let's not forget that Cage told David Letterman in 2010 he's taken magic mushrooms with his pet cat in the past. And now, thanks to these images, it feels like we have too.