Have you felt something missing from your life? A Nicolas Cage shaped hole in your heart? A yearning to be more like him? Well, you can, and you won't have to buy a tyrannosaurus skull to do it!

Instead, you have to pay artist Jazzberry Blue $12 over on his or her Etsy store, and have Cage's head carefully Photoshopped over yours.

Why is Jazzberry Blue, who if his or her website is any indication is either a bit eccentric or the master of straight-faced comedy, Cagifying anybody who pays $12?

i dont want to do this, nor will i gain any personal satisfaction... im not some twisted nic cage fan, i dont even watch movies and i cant explain why he haunts my dreams.... i am doing this because i need 12$

Um, OK.

Personally, we think it's a little much to pay to have a celebrity's face laid over yours, but we have to admit, it's a great Photoshop job, and sometimes a little creepy. Look at the photos in Jazzberry Blue's store and judge for yourself.

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