Nicolas Cage

Nic Cage Meets Disney
We love Nicolas Cage. We also love Disney. How could we not? We have excellent taste. So we looove this art by Jen Lewis at Buzzfeed, who has thoughtfully made Nic Cage into every Disney Princess. You might think that these are masterpieces of cinema, but the truth is that everything is better with …
Nic Cage Pokemon
Right now, we find ourselves asking why this hasn't already been done. Isn't this the internet? Shouldn't somebody have already drawn all the first generation Pokemon with Nicolas Cage's face by now? Well at least it's finally happening.
Taylor Swift+Nic Cage
As if we didn't already love Taylor Swift enough, this remix of her 'I Knew You Were Trouble' single might actually be better than the original. Turns out all she needed was a little bit of Nicholas Cage.
Is Nic Cage the Virgin Mary?
If Nicolas Cage is, indeed, a vampire, as the internet says, it is entirely possible that he also at least posed for a portrait of the Virgin Mary at some point.
Why would this photo of a Virgin Mary/Nic Cage lookalike that surfaced on Imgur surprise anyone...
Movies Get Cage-ified
We think that Nicolas Cage should be in every movie. We're sure Cage agrees with us (those dinosaur bones aren't going to pay for themselves). Oh, you beg to differ? Maybe you should watch this video that sticks him in several of your favorite films...
Is This the Worst Photo of Nicolas Cage Ever?
After freaky human/cat hybrids and a lookalike monkey, you may be wondering what the internet has planned next for its favorite celebrity Nicolas Cage. Well, how about this? It's a photo posted by a Reddit user and some say it's the worst ever taken of the actor.
R.I.P. LMFAO — Funny Videos to Remember Them By
Oh NO! What are we going to do!?! LMFAO has announced that they are going on a "hiatus" (yeah, that's what our parents said too), which means somebody else will have to step up to fill the void left behind at grocery stores that play inappropriately upbeat music. Let us rememb…
Does This Newly-Discovered Monkey Look Like Nicolas Cage?
We LOLed heartily and shivered in horror at the same time when we first saw 'Nicolas Cage Cats,' an unholy hybrid of felines and the internet's favorite actor. Now, Cage continues his inadvertent domination over the animal kingdom with this photo of a newly-discovered monkey species t…
Get Nic Cage-ified With an Etsy Artist
Have you felt something missing from your life? A Nicolas Cage shaped hole in your heart? A yearning to be more like him? Well, you can, and you won't have to buy a tyrannosaurus skull to do it!

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