While giving an interview for the 'Ghost Rider' sequel, 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance,' Nicolas Cage addressed internet rumors that he may in fact be an immortal vampire. According to Cage, it's entirely "possible" he could be a creature of the night. Aha! We knew it!

The rumors started when a photo surfaced of a Civil War-era man who bore a remarkably striking resemblance to the star of 'National Treasure.'

At first, Cage downplayed the idea, even debunking it on a recent 'Letterman' appearance. "I have gotten out of bed in the morning and looked in the mirror just to make sure I was still there, and I was, so that would probably end those rumors," he said.

But then, he admits there's a chance he could be a member of the undead. "It's possible. I don't make a habit out of drinking people's blood, though," he said.

Nice try, Nic. But we're not entirely sure we believe you. Anybody catch the color of the liquid that Cage is drinking from a glass? That's right. It's red.

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