Brandon Wright, the 21-year-old student whose life was saved when a group of strangers pulled him from beneath a burning car, is in recovery  at a Murray, Utah hospital, 'Today' reports. His saviors, whose brave rescue was caught on camera in a video that went viral yesterday, spoke about the experience to the press.

Police sergeant Jason Olsen called the heroes' quick response "awesome" while the folks involved were humble about their good deed: Abbass Al Sharif, one of the people who helped lift the car pinning Wright to the ground, said "you don't think too much -- the adrenaline you have in your body [is] very high." Another person at the scene, Matt Barney, told the press, "It's second nature: If you see someone in trouble, you help them."

Wright's cousin told 'Today' that he "remembers everything" from the crash and "knows it's a miracle" that he was rescued.

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