A very strange thing happened on 'Today' last week -- for a brief moment in time, Al Roker appeared to be completely frozen in place. It was as though he had been temporarily replaced by a wax dummy. Or the brain slug controlling him fell asleep for just a moment. Very creepy.

Other possible explanations for his weird expression/lack of movement:

- He ate a bad egg salad sandwich

- Went for an extra-large coffee

- Just realized he left his wallet in his other pants

- Engaged in secret staring contest with the cameraman

- Mini-stroke of the sort that causes you to look like a wax statue

- Was secretly being attacked by fire ants

- Saw a woman in the audience unaware of the gigantic tarantula on her shoulder

Whatever the problem, we're glad Roker's back to normal, because he's been on fire lately. When he's not frozen, that is.

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