Apollo Robbins is without question the most interesting man in the world. Step aside, Dos Equis Guy, because today Robbins rules. Yes, he's a thief; we understand that. But come on -- you wouldn't want to hang with him?

Recently, "The Gentleman Thief" made his way over to NBC's Today Show (we believe it was during the 10th hour) and shocked the entire crew when he picked the pockets of not one, but two journalists plus Ryan Seacrest, on live television.

Sitting as Robbins' guinea pigs (which is apparent from their hesitation in getting anywhere near him) Matt Lauer, Willie Geist and the aforementioned Seacrest were given a few items which Robbins planned to steal back. And while they were shocked at the fact that he did so in such an effortless way, they got very excited when he revealed some other stolen belongings.

So if the Gentleman Thief comes your way, best to hide your wallet.

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