When Christopher Manacci saw Gerald Gronowski and his 15-year-old son on the side of a Auburn Township, Ohio road trying to fix a flat tire, he decided to help. He wound up saving their lives.

Manaacci dropped off his wife and returned to the scene with a can of Fix-a-Flat to help. As the three were assessing the damage, a truck appeared out of nowhere and plowed into Manacci's Lexus. While that seemed like an incredible turn of bad luck for the good Samaritan, Gronowski quickly pointed out that Manacci had saved their lives --he hadn't parked his car there, the truck would have hit him and his son.

As their conversation continued, Manacci revealed that he was a nurse practitioner. This prompted Gronowski to recount an incident eight years earlier when he got a triple hook caught in his hand during a fishing trip. A nurse practitioner in a nearby kayak paddled over to Gronowski's boat and free him from the hook.

"Yes I know that story well," Manacci told Gronowksi "It was me!"

It looks like Gronowski owes Manacci two.

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