Today Show

Al Roker Accident
Al Roker truly is a man of the people. He loses weight. He makes jokes. He video bombs 'Today Show' segments by freezing in place. And apparently he can't resist telling everybody when he has a little accident at the White House. The admission, which came out during an interview on &a…
ScarJo: Weather Girl?
Meteorologists have one of the coolest jobs around. Think about it-- they can totally get away with taking on weather 'Gangnam Style' and no one bats an eyelash over it. Al Roker can also do a weird mannequin impression mid-broadcast, and it's completely acceptable. (Although that was really, really…
Sarah Palin Will Cohost ‘Today’ on Tuesday
The morning show wars are really starting to heat up. On the heels of former 'Today' host Katie Couric returning to AM television as guest co-host of ABC's  'Good Morning America', NBC's 'Today' just announced their own high profile guest co-host.
Jon Hamm Isn’t Backing Down From Kim Kardashian Slam
Jon Hamm was on 'Today' Monday morning, along with other members of the 'Mad Men' cast. The critically-acclaimed drama returns for its fifth season Sunday, hence the group appearance. But 'Today' host Matt Lauer would've been remiss if he didn't ask Hamm to also address comments that he made last we…

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