If you've ever been awake before 10 am, then you’ve probably seen a network morning news program at least once. So, you know that there are usually throngs of fans outside waving signs, and the likelihood of one fan’s sign being singled out is small. But that hasn't stopped New Jersey's Jason Allentoff, who is trying to beat those odds so he could personally thank Matt Lauer, Katie Couric and the rest of the 'Today' show crew past and present for leading him to a career in journalism.  Will his heartwarming story win the 'Today Show' gang over?

In the mid-'90s, while taking a sick day during middle school, Allentoff fell in love with NBC’s ‘Today' show. A tour the following year with his father cemented his interest in television production. In high school, Allentoff took a video production class and needed a great final project to make his grade. He chose to film a documentary on his beloved ‘Today' show.

After much harassing of the show’s publicity department, Allentoff managed to get permission to go behind the scenes of ‘Today’ for his project. (He even got to sit on the set and interview the anchors!) His project was a big success, and Allentoff went on to study journalism and pursue a career in broadcasting.

Because the show is celebrating its 60th year on the air this year, Allentoff thought it would be a good time to try to get the attention of host Matt Lauer and former host Katie Couric to thank them for their influence on his career. So, the determined radio announcer waited outside of ‘Today's’ anniversary show this past January, glittery sign in hand, to find out if Matt and Katie remembered him.

You’ll be surprised at how adeptly Allentoff managed to get noticed by many very recognizable faces at the show. But, his dream was not completely fulfilled -- he didn’t get to personally thank everyone he set out to thank, and his sign only made background appearances on the broadcast. But he seemed to have a good day overall.

Allentoff documented the day and shared these videos below. Check them out, and keep your fingers crossed that he gets to achieve his dream of returning to 'Today.'

The Big Day

The Anniversary Message

The Original Interview