"I'm wonderful," Howard Stern interrupted, as Matt Lauer introduced the self-proclaimed "king of all media" to the 'Today' show audience Thursday. Yup, it was going to be one of those Howard Stern interviews.

Howard was on the show to promote his debut as a judge on 'America's Got Talent,' which will air on Monday.

So when he wasn't accusing Lauer of being "on crack" or saying he liked Al Roker better when he was fat, Stern was discussing his new TV role.

“You know, I watch American Idol sometimes, and those three judges, they don’t have a word of criticism,” Stern explained. “And I think that’s selfish. I think you owe it to the contestants to offer criticism.”

According to Lauer, who has seen pre-taped episodes of the show, Stern is a very critical judge. He also complimented Stern on his ability to to quickly articulate "what the audience is thinking."

When asked how long he was going to stick with 'American Got Talent,' Stern joked that he was using it as a stepping stone to get on the Supreme Court.

We also learned, from the interview, that Lauer and Stern are good buddies in real life, who drink wine together and plot the demise of 'Today' rival 'Good Morning America.'

To drive home what good friends they are, Stern ended the discussion by sitting in Lauer's lap and kissing him. Oh, Howard.