Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy and Robin Get 'Blurred'
In the same vein as that incredibly magical rendition of 'All I Want for Christmas Is You,' Jimmy Fallon, The Roots and a bunch of grade school instruments are once again making awesome music. This time it's a cover of Robin Thicke's nonstop hit 'Blurred Lines.'
Jesse and the Rippers Return
We're going to go ahead and assume you liked 'Full House' as a child, because every time we tell somebody that we didn't like 'Full House' as a child, we get weird sideways glances and also we have no friends left. Since you are clearly a huge 'Full House' fan, here's a video that's probably of interest to you -- Uncle Jesse (aka John Stamos) and his band The Rippers reunited on 'Late Night With J
Game of Desks
If you're at all a fan of 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' then you are well aware of the heavily anticipated 'Game of Desks' digital original. The video aired this past Friday, and as you'd imagine, it did not disappoint.

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