Lexus' commerical for it's 2013 GS, which will be played during the Super Bowl, reminds us of movies like 'The Incredible Hulk' and "Jurassic Park.'

As the spot begins, we're in a lab somewhere. Ominous music is playing and something has happened that is making the lab shake.

"Change cannot be contained," the ad's narrators says. Then, we see the long shot of the lab -- which looks like a futuristic garage . Suddenly -- boom! -- the redesigned Lexus LS tries to smash its way out. We know this because we can see an imprint of the car's grill on the outside of the lab/garage.

After another mighty attempt the LS, aka 'The Beast', smashes through the metal door and is free. 'This is just the beginning" the narrator explains, and the ad ends with a shot of the car -- looking none the worse for wear.

So do this spot do it for you? And if you see a 2013 LS driving down the street will you run away in fear?

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