The 2012 Super Bowl is taking place so late this year that it's practically overlapping with Valentine's Day. So the flower delivery service Teleflora decided to remind all the fellows watching the big game that the 14th is coming soon with their new commercial, and they better be ready.

To make sure their ad captured the Super Bowl's male audience's attention, Terraflora used a tried-and true-technique: The scantily-clad beautiful woman. In this case, Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima.

Watch Adriana put on her pantyhose. Watch her flip her hair and zip up her dress. Watch her put on her lipstick and -- hint hint -- gaze over at a lovely vase of flowers.

Then, she speaks. 'Guys, Valentine's Day is not the complicated,' Lima says, with a light Brazilian accent. "Give and you shall receive."

So does this ad make you excited about giving or receiving flowers on Valentine's Day?  Or is it a shameless ploy to, uh, sorry. Got distracted by the ad for a second there.

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