Germany has not had a Legoland to call their own for as long as some other countries. However, they have certainly made up for the lack of time. made a visit to Germany's building block universe located in the town of Günzburg. The sights they captured make every other Legoland look like they were built by a five-year-old with far inferior Duplo blocks.

The level of detail in each design isn't just impressive for something built entirely out of a child's toy. It's impressive for even the most intricate hand-built city-scape model. Some of the more breathtaking sights from their "Miniland" includes complete, small-scale recreations of towns such as Frankfurt and Berlin. Included in each town are very authentic-looking models of landmarks such as the Brandenburger Gate and the domed Berlin cathedral.

Of course, Legoland's mini-towns and cities are always an impressive site. However, Germany wins hands down for more than just being able to duplicate some of the country's most iconic towns and landmarks. The level of detail on the smallest scale will make you wonder exactly how they did that and how you can learn how to do it yourself.

Check out our compilation of some of the more breathtaking Lego sights below. For more, visit Legoland Germany.