New LEGO Faces
A recent study has shown that the faces of Lego characters are expressing a wider array of emotions than they used to, you know, since they used to only be happy. Anger, confusion, deceptively neutral -- all are making appearances.
Amazing LEGO trick
We only know a few things about the person who made this, and these are things we've deduced. They own a lot of LEGOs. They have an ENORMOUS room. They also have a lot of spare time and patience. And they don't mind the sound of plastic clanking together...
LEGO Dark Knight Rises
Here's the video you didn't know you always wanted to see -- it's the trailer for 'The Dark Knight Rises' done with LEGOs. This version of Bane is maybe a little bit scarier than the live-action version. There's something deeply disturbing about his squinting, beady LEG…
How Big Can Lego go?
Although it's something we've never wondered ourselves, engineers at Open University in the UK recently discovered how high a LEGO tower can go before the bricks at the bottom are crushed under the weight. Here's a hint -- it's pretty darn high.
Well, this is basically the perfect recipe for tears. A young boy with Asperger's Syndrome who plays with LEGOs to improve his social skills had a dilemma. He saved all of his money for two years to buy a LEGO train set, but by the time he had enough money, it was discontinued...
5,000 Children Help Build LEGO Nation
Unless you grew up in a dark cave, nearly everyone has fond childhood memories of playing with LEGOs. When Japan decided that the toy needed a proper celebration for it's 50th anniversary in the country, it only seemed fitting that they tasked the next generation of children (5,000 to be exact)…
See ‘The Wire’ Remade With Legos
Fans of the gritty HBO drama 'The Wire,' which ran between 2002 and 2008, often attribute its low ratings to the show being "too real" for the average viewer. Perhaps that's why the folks at Sketchy have remade the critically acclaimed series using Legos.
Real Life Lego Forest Spruces Up Australian Outback
While the Australian Outback is home to some interesting animals like the kangaroo and the emu, its arid landscape isn't hospitable to most forms of plant life.
But the folks in the small mining town of Broken Arrow woke up to a surprising dash of colors earlier this month in…
Korean Toddlers Help Build Record-Breaking Lego Tower
It's amazing the number of things that can be done with simple Legos. You can build sweet 'Avengers' props with them. You can turn them into life-size vehicles. You can even make eye-deceiving 3D works of art. It turns out you can also use them to put your homeland in the national spo…
‘Avengers’ Fan Assembles Awesome Weapons Out of Lego
Marvel Studio's strategy of setting up 'The Avengers' in movies like 'Iron Man' and 'Thor' paid off big time, with the film taking in over $200 million dollars in North America during its opening weekend. That tally shattered the previous opening weekend record of $169.2 million set by "Harry P…
LEGO Wigs Are Stylish and Geeky
We've seen LEGO used in all sorts of creative ways before, but never in our wildest dreams did we think someone would be crazy enough to use them for wigs. Well, that day has come thanks to artist and designer Elroy Klee.
‘Game of Thrones’ Intro Is Even Geekier In LEGO
Given its stirring music and awesome animation, the intro to 'Game of Thrones' has already been parodied several times, most notably by 'The Simpsons.' In this fan-created video, the intro is lovingly recreated using nothing but LEGO. Sadly, even in a LEGO-themed 'Game of Th…

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