Did you ever want to own a DeLorean like the one in 'Back To The Future'? If you did, you probably weren't in luck, as the car is quite rare. (Not to mention highly impractical.)

But it looks like you will soon be able to posses the famous sports car time machine in Lego form, thanks to the toy brick company's Cuusoo project website.

How Cuusoo works is that Lego fans pitch ideas for Lego sets. If their prototype gets 10,000 votes, the company reviews it and decides whether to produce it.

On Thursday, Lego announced it will make a 'Back To The Future' DeLorean lego set, which was from a concept created by m.togami and Sakuretsu.

Lego isn't sure exactly when the set will be available or how much it will cost. But it seems like there will actually be three sets, one for each of the films in the franchise.

Lego also announced that the designers m.togami and Sakuretsu will be donating their one percent developer's fee to Michael J. Fox's Foundation For Parkinson Research.

So when you do hit 88MPH in the famous time-traveling car you'll also be contributing to a great cause.

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