We've seen LEGO used in all sorts of creative ways before, but never in our wildest dreams did we think someone would be crazy enough to use them for wigs. Well, that day has come thanks to artist and designer Elroy Klee.

Designed for an ad campaign called "Mindplay: Bricks on Me," Klee's high-concept LEGO wigs were worn on top of skullcaps and each was custom-made to fit the model's head.

Maybe we're nuts, but these wigs, which were designed to represent afro, short crop and layered hairstyles, look pretty darn good and stylish (although we can't attest to how comfortable they were to wear).

What do you think? Are LEGO wigs destined to take the fashion world by storm? Either way, we bet you'd save a fortune on hairspray. See more below.