If you were a child of the '80s, there was a good chance you owned some kind of model toy version of the A-Team's specially modified black and red GMC Vandura van.

That was also apparently true for kids in England, like 40-year-old Tag Majid, who's spent $30,000 pounds ($47,000) to turn a beat-up old 1985 Vandura he found into a real-life version of the legendary TV wheels.

"The reaction has been amazing, Majid explained. "We always get people shouting 'crazy fool' at us as we drive about town. Majid, who spent a year finding parts for the van on the internet, enjoys the attention the rugged vehicle gets."You can see people stopping in amazement and saying, 'It's the A-Team van' as you go past," he adds. "It does make you feel proud of your handy work."

The van features technology that even master mechanic "B.A." Baracus would be impressed by, such as a LCD TV, a DVD player and a stereo which plays the 'A Team's' famous theme song. (Watch it below.)

When Majid is not using the van to take his three lucky kids to school, he is renting it out for weddings. Yes, really. According to Majid, "We have been booked [the van] to take 24 brides to their weddings already and another 26 want to book it for their big day next year." As Hannibal once said, we love it when a plan comes together.